Denture Repairs Dublin

Walkinstown Dental Studio offers clients the highest standard denture repair services. Our team of experts provide full and in-depth repairs that ensure your dentures fit and are just as comfortable as always.

In cases where your dentures are beyond repair, we offer full denture replacements.

Although modern dentures are made from sturdy and resident material they certainly aren’t immune from damage. If dentures are dropped on hard surfaces like porcelain sinks or tiled floors they can chip or crack. Broken dentures should never be worn as they can potentially damage gums.

A denture doesn’t need to crack or dropped to require a repair. As dentures age, they become less functional and uncomfortable in the mouth. If you’ve noticed your dentures becoming loose or uncomfortable please schedule a consultation in our Dublin denture repair clinic.

For additional information on our extensive range of denture repair services, get in contact with Walkinstown Dental Studio today.

Denture Repairs Dublin FAQ

  • How long should dentures last?

    There is no fixed term for dentures to last. A variety of environmental factors along with the lifestyle of the patient will have an effect on the service life of the denture. If dentures are properly cared for, they can last anywhere from 10-15 years.

  • Why do dentures eventually crack?

    Stress and wear and tear are usually the biggest reason for a denture to crack. The material used to create dentures, acrylic – like all material – will degrade over time and become more susceptible to cracks or damage. Therefore it’s important to have your dentures checked regularly and repaired when an issue arises.